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Upcoming Events

July 4 2023 

I'll be talking about the NY music scene in the 1970s with Nina Antonia and Travis Elborough at the Century Club in London.

July 22 2023

I'll be discussing the work of the Swedish artist Hilma Af Klint with the art critic Matthew Collings at the Standon Calling Festival in Hertfordshire.

August 16 2023

I'll be giving a talk about imagination as a way of knowledge at Manly P Hall's Philosophical Research Society in Los Angeles. This will be a rare US appearance.

September 1-3 

I'll be speaking at the Third International Colin Wilson Conference held in Nottingham, UK.

October 22 I'll be speaking with the dead and with any luck the living at my talk on our perennial desire to contact the departed. Come join me at Brompton Cemetery, 1:30 PM for the London Month of the Dead.

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